Are You Tired of Dealing With Annoying Tree Stumps?

Rely on us for stump removal services in Olathe, KS and surrounding areas

If you're tripping over tree stumps every time you walk around your yard, we can help. Creek Tree Service offers top-notch stump removal services throughout Olathe, KS and surrounding areas. Once our professionals remove your tree stumps, we can regrade the land, fill the holes and reseed the area or cover it with sod. If you don't want to get the stumps removed completely, you can also rely on us for professional stump grinding services.

Don't put off the professional stump grinding or stump removal services you need. Call us today at 913-393-4379 to schedule a visit from our crew. We'll be happy to give you a free estimate.

Say goodbye to tree stumps

Say goodbye to tree stumps

Tree stumps can not only decrease your curb appeal, they can also become home to termites and pests. Removing tree stumps from your yard offers many benefits, including:

  • Removing major tripping hazards from your yard
  • Preventing termite and pest problems
  • Protecting your lawn from rot
  • Increasing usable space in your lawn

If you’re ready to take advantage of these benefits, reach out to us now for stump removal services.